Monday, January 3, 2011

"If you win, say little. If you lose, say less."

Tom Brady, the New England Patriots QB, recently quoted his coach Bill Belichik in a post-game interview, saying: “Coach always tells us – if you win, say little … if you lose, say less.” 

This comment caught my attention since it came from someone in a league ripe with abundant (and to some degree, necessary) cockiness, trash-talking, intimidation etc.  It sounded more like something a golfer would say. 

I have little doubt that the Patriots’ ability to balance a humble, quiet golf-like mentality with the bravado of great athletes has contributed significantly to their success as an organization. 

It also made me think about entrepreneurs and the balance we must have.  We’re always selling, always hyping our companies.  We’re trained to never accept “no” as an answer.  We are true believers in our business.  We live and breathe it.

As a result, we want to shout our wins from a mountaintop.  We’re excited.  We want to leverage that success into future successes.  

When we lose, it’s an equally powerful feeling.  We feel slighted.  We want to scream until someone listens.  But we can’t.

We have to build relationships, instill confidence, demonstrate professionalism and act like we’ve been there before.  And that can be difficult.

Thus, Bill Belichik’s comment has made its way into my quote book and I hope it guides me through future highs and lows.  I pass it along in case it has the same effect on you.

Happy entrepreneuring…


  1. This comment alone is enough to develop the courage and strength to handle the highs and lows in life. Thank you for such a motivational and aspiring post.

  2. You need a spirit as a player either you win or you lose. Because If you win you have to take care of your opponent to not to hurt them by your words.