Friday, January 28, 2011

PGA Show Day 1 Highlight - the Chicken Stick

The golf industry’s annual gathering is taking place this week at the PGA Merchandise Show and Thursday’s opening day was a success.  Attendance appears to be up and the overall mood has improved from desperate to somber … with the operative word being “improved.”

I personally had a great first day and saw/heard/discussed several things that will appear in this blog in the coming weeks.  However, there was one game-changing idea in particular that caught my attention and imagination.

The product is called the Chicken Stick (a name I encouraged them to change) and is a golf-club Wii remote. 

This initially seemed simple and obvious to me so I didn’t put much thought into it.  Then I swung by the booth to find Dottie Pepper broadcasting from there.  I then saw/tried the product and had an enjoyable, real-life experience that exceeded expectations.  Finally, I learned that the company has defensible IP in the form of a purportedly strong patent that covers attaching a normal club handle to a device that holds a remote control.

The result is a product that is about 1/2 the length of a regular club, has a normal grip/shaft, and holds a Wii remote.  It is suitable for kids as well as adults.  A picture is to the right.

The implications of this “simple and obvious” product are large…

Imagine being able to practice golf in your living room … for $39.95 (the product’s price).  Want to play 18 at 9:00pm?  No problem … you can play whenever you want.  Need to take that call mid-round and hammer out a few follow-up emails?  No problem … pause the game.  Only have an hour to play?  No problem … that’s all you need.  Want to spend some quality family time?  No problem ... fire up the console.

The fact that this provided a real-life golfing experience out of the gate excites me because the technology, and thus the user experience, will only improve.  Ideas like this are exactly what the industry needs – affordable, quick and alternative ways to enjoy the game.

Coupled with Augusta National coming to Tiger Wood’s Golf on EA Sports this year, I’m tempted to get myself a Wii, a copy of the game and a Chicken Stick so I can start playing golf on my schedule for free at home.

I wish this company the best of luck and happy entrepreneuring…


  1. I have one and feel that it adds more authenticity to the game. I'm counting on the Chicken Stick to help me improve my real golf score.

  2. I'll be sure to check this out, it looks very promising. Thanks.